Work, Old Boyfriends, and Blogging

September 9, 2008

I just posted a bunch of content to the Cindy, Working portion of my blog.  Sometimes, I go with the flow of writing and then post it all after I’m finished with the writing spurt.  Two posts briefly mention men I dated 15 years ago, Mike and Greg.  Mike was my first love.  He was my first boyfriend…and my first sexual partner.  I will undoubtedly refer to Mike in future posts because, for better or worse, that relationship had a big influence on me.  Also, we reconnected 13 years after breaking up.  More stories for another day.

Cindy’s Blog Trilogy:

Cindy, Dating: My rants and raves about current and past dating and relationship experiences.

Cindy, Working: Work-related stories I have accumulated over the last 20 years.  A lot of these jobs were really crappy, but the jobs do get better over time.

Cindy, Living: Anything and everything that I feel compelled to write about that doesn’t fit into the above two categories.  This is the catch-all portion of the blog trilogy.

Social Skills, or Lack Thereof

August 19, 2008

Did I mention I’m socially clueless, especially when it comes to men?  Contrary to popular belief, social skills don’t always come naturally.  At least for some people, they are a set of skills that are learned.  I’ve always had a hard time with social skills.  Although my friends don’t believe me, I swear I really am a shy person. 


I don’t feel comfortable around new people, especially if I don’t know anything about them, like how they see the world.  I need to understand your social and political ideology before I can have a conversation with you.  I’m serious.  Unless you’re a freaky liberal and/or really smart, I can’t have a conversation with you.  I don’t know how to talk to ‘normal people.’


Normal people talk about the weather, sports, what they did last weekend, and what they are doing next weekend.  They share stories about the times they got pulled over by the police and the times they came oh so close to missing their plane.  Oh, the drama!  I’d rather stab myself with a fork than listen to small talk for more than 30 seconds.


My social skills are better when I am fulfilling a role of some sort.  For example, in the workplace, I need to work with Jack and Jill to carry the water down the hill.  Or I need to go to a conference and staff the tacky conference booth.  Last time I did that, I got a job offer from the person at the next booth, quit my job, and moved to a different state.  I can be smooth at times.