Dogs, Dating, and Cell Phones

October 4, 2008

One small component of my bizarre week (the weirdest I’ve had in ages) was losing my cell phone yesterday.  I dropped it at the park.  Someone took it, ignored my repeated calls and accidentally called me on my other phone and hung up on me.  I tried calling several more times.  It made me sad that someone didn’t want to give me my (crappy) cell phone back.  Defeated, I called to suspend service to the (crappy) phone.

A few months ago, I washed my new cell phone in the washing machine.  It’s not something I recommend.  I have a LOT of experience with cell phones and water and it tends not to end well.  After the washing machine incident, I switched back to my previous cell phone, which Patrick had bought for me.


I lost a cell phone in a lake a few summers ago.  After replacing the “lake phone” (that I loved, but they stopped making that style) with a phone I didn’t like (but paid $200 for) I refused to purchase any more cell phones.  So, when my brand new $200 phone that I didn’t even like was thrown into a river a few weeks later, I stubbornly decided I would not replace it. 

Patrick’s dog killed my brand new phone.  While Patrick and I were skinny dipping in a river, our dogs were having a jolly old time running around in the dark.  When I got out, my sweatshirt was missing.  I found it about 20 feet away from the dock where I left it.  I checked the pockets…my keys were still there, but my cell phone was gone.  When I realized my cell phone was missing, Patrick told me he should have mentioned that his dog goes berserk when phones ring in vibration mode.  Apparently, his dog had pulled it out of my sweatshirt pocket and shook it (trying to break its neck/kill it) and in the process, it flew out of the side of his mouth and into the river.  Guess who was calling me?  The woman who flipped the jet ski, causing my last phone to sink to the bottom of a lake a few weeks earlier.

Patrick fished my phone out of the water about 10 minutes later, but it was too late.  It never worked again.  After a couple of days he realized I was serious about not replacing it.  I love technology, but I have a stubborn streak.  He didn’t like not being able to call me.  He bought me a new one and even had the service transferred for me.

When I lost my cell phone yesterday, my first thought was to invest in a CrackBerry.  I’ve been wanting one for about a year now.  After finding some great prices on eBay, I looked at my checking account.  No can do.  I can’t afford to buy a low-end phone, let alone a high-end phone at the moment.

As fate would have it, Harley was in the building today.  I was getting caught up on work.  I could hear him talking on his CrackBerry in the hallway, so I jumped up to say hi before he got on the elevator.  He brightened up, like he does every time he sees me (although I admit he is the kind of person who brightens up for everyone, which is one thing that is really cool about him).  He said he would give me his old phone (his employer just bought him the CrackBerry a week ago).  Nice!  This alleviates some of my financial stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.

To top it off, later in the day, he drove 15 miles out of his way in urban traffic to drop the cell phone off in my mailbox.  That, my friends, is the kind of thing a guy does for you when he is really into you.