Confession Time

There is a guy I haven’t told you about.  I’ve known him for 6 months.  We work on the same floor of the same building, but for two different employers.  His name is Harley.  I haven’t thought about him a lot over the past 6 months (until recently) because in some ways, he falls into the category of guys I don’t date.

In other ways, he is the kind of guy I should be dating.  He is nice, with a wild streak.  In other words, he’s nice, but not to a fault.  He has the bad boy edge, but he loves people and lives his life with integrity.

Also, he is totally into me.  I’ve known that for months.

The third thing may be the most important thing.  It’s something I too easily forget about.  I haven’t even written about it when it comes to what I’m looking for in a guy.  Maybe it’s because it’s not something I literally “look for” in “a guy,” but in some ways it’s more important than any trait (or combination of traits) a man has.  It’s how I feel when I’m around him.  When I see Harley, I feel good.  When I see him, I smile. 

The last week has been a serious challenge for me because of a tragedy in my neighborhood and problems my son has been having with bullies on the school bus.  It’s been a week with many ups and downs.  Unfortunately, I’ve spent a decent part of this week feeling depressed and overwhelmed.  But, whenever I see Harley in the hallway, I reflexively brighten up.

4 Responses to Confession Time

  1. wonferdul says:

    Ummm…why aren’t you dating him?!?!?

  2. Your intuition (or whatever term you chose to call it) will always steer you in the right direction.

    There is a lot about the RockStar that I haven’t told people on my blog, but one of the freaky things about him is that his laugh was 100% identical to my best guy friend. Whenever the RockStar laughs I am like Pavlov’s dog in that I have a conditioned response to instantly feel good because the sound is identical to my best friend.

    It was like getting hit by a huge neon sign that I was supposed to PAY ATTENTION(!) to the RockStar because I was inundated with a flood of feeling good emotions whenever he laughed on our first date.

    (And that neon sign thing is why I have a hard time believing it is over this quickly, because what was the point in that otherwise?)

    Long story short, trust your instincts!

  3. Cindy Thomas says:

    I’m seriously considering dating him. The thought has finally occurred to me in the last week or two. When I initally realized he might be interested, I immediately dismissed the idea of dating him…probably because he is someone I respect and wouldn’t want to hurt.

    When a guy is “into me,” I tend to pull away if I think there is a good chance I would hurt him (like by dating him in the short term when he’s not someone I’d be interested in for the long term).

    Or maybe that little part of me that is insecure figures there MUST be something wrong with any guy who likes me that much.

    I also can tell he’s not the “fling” kind of guy. I thought about seducing him last week when I was really frisky, but I figured that might screw up our developing friendship.

    But all of these things indicate he is one of those RARE guys who has a heart of gold.

  4. attainingme says:

    Wow. I can completely relate! I am glad things are progressing. I think you nailed it when you wrote, “It’s how I feel when I’m around him. When I see Harley, I feel good. When I see him, I smile.”

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