One Fish Back to the Muddy Pond

The boy toy tried to IM me today when I logged in to to check my email.  I ignored him.  I’ve also ignored the two text messages he has sent me this week. 

Meanwhile, another guy that I had IMed with has since called and IMed some more.  I don’t even remember giving him my phone number.  When he called yesterday, I had NO idea who he was.  I thought he was the boy toy, but he didn’t use slang.  Then I was like, ooooh, this is the accountant in VA with the cute dogs.  I guess I don’t have to worry about coming across as desperate when it takes me 30 seconds to figure out who the heck you are when you call me.

I was riding my bike and stopped to take the call.  I don’t know why.  Next thing I know we’re talking politics…and this dude is voting for McCain.  Wow.  I told him to call me later because I wanted to get home before dark.  He didn’t call, but tried IMing me earlier this evening.  We chatted for a minute, but I cut him loose.  This is one are where I am firm and unapologetic:  I don’t date Republicans or people who are going to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

You are entitled to your opinions and your belief system, but I do not have to date you.


2 Responses to One Fish Back to the Muddy Pond

  1. LOL, I think this “I don’t date” comment needs to be added to the list! 😉

  2. Cindy Thomas says:

    Absolutely. Can’t believe it wasn’t already on there. I guess it was too “obvious” to think to include.

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