Dating Best (and Worst) Practices

Today I was going to share one of my (few) dating best practices.  I’ll go ahead and share it, even though I proceeded to IGNORE it and spend 2 hours IMing with a guy.  I made a rule (which I just broke) that I would not IM guys any more since they seem to be IMing for booty calls.  So, I composed this yesterday:

Hi…I just signed in to check my email.  Send me an email and I will look at your profile.  Thanks!

That way I can “agree” to chat, paste that in, and then close the chat down.  That way I get rid of the stupid request.  Otherwise it goes bing, bing, bing as long as you’re logged in.  I did use this approach earlier and it worked pretty well.  And, of course, the guys didn’t bother sending me emails.  Or maybe they did.  I don’t remember.  Dating, IM, and email just turns into a big blur sometimes.

So, I finally figured out how to look at a guys profile before agreeing to IM him.  This guy has one of those hunky main pictures (no shirt) and I had to roll my eyes.  But then I saw a picture of his dogs. 

oh so cute

oh so cute

They were so cute, I decided to chat with him.  I wasted 2+ freaking hours talking to him.  I might meet him in person, so who knows if it was a total waste.  But, I have a headache and I didn’t mean to talk for more than 5 minutes!!!

This whole IM dating thing is like CRACK.

I may need treatment soon.  If I write any more posts like this, send for backup!

2 Responses to Dating Best (and Worst) Practices


    Do I need to intervention you now?

  2. Cindy Thomas says:

    Not quite yet…looks like I’m a work in progress. If I do it again tonight, yes, please facilitate an INTERVENTION.

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