Plenty of Fish Hangover

After yesterday’s escapade into the previously uncharted (at least for me) territory of IMing with strangers, it seemed fitting that I call Patrick (imagine a sex-crazed entrepreneurial mad scientist).  If he didn’t live so far away (500+ miles), he would have been one lucky guy last night.

Patrick was busy last night, so we only talked for a few minutes (about the bailout, which is not why I called).  He called me back this morning on his way to work.  I told him I was frisky and frustrated.  He wanted to hear about my latest escapades and fantasies, but I told him I didn’t have any real action to report…and (he should know this by now) I am shy when it comes to sharing fantasies.  That helped jog his memory…he suddenly remembered I like to hear about his sexual experiences, so he hesitantly admitted to a fairly recent CraigsList hookup.

I knew it would be a good story based on his reluctant tone.  It was a “party”…at a gym.  I kept asking, “…and then what?…” until he finished spilling the beans.  I’ll have to spare you the details because I don’t run a porn site here!  The moral of the story is that he had a great time, but he felt sick about it afterwards.

That’s how I feel about yesterday’s IMing experience.  It was kind of gross and inappropriate.  I managed to get drawn in, thanks to my hormones.  Being turned on is intoxicating and impairs ones judgment!  Now, today I feel kind of gross. 

3 Responses to Plenty of Fish Hangover

  1. attainingme says:

    I love how honest you are. I just stumbled on your blog via Cremolloquarterpony.
    I started to peruse some of your past posts and I am looking forward to more time to catch up.

  2. Cindy Thomas says:

    Thanks! I sometimes have to remind myself to be honest, since it’s so easy not to be 100% honest. I have read some of your posts (also via CremelloQuarterPony links) and I enjoy reading your blog as well. It is very unique and makes me want to read more, which of course, I will!

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