Dating…on My Planet

Is it too much to ask to date someone on this planet?  Heck, maybe even someone on the same continent?  Imagine dating someone on the same side of the Mississippi River.

I mentioned 2 red flags in my last post and forgot to describe the second one, which is distance.  The guy in question (for whom the red flags were raised) lives 120 miles away from me.  What’s up with that? 

Is it too much to ask that my dating prospects live close enough where we could see each other in person…on a regular basis?  By regular, I mean a few times a week.  Let’s say you live 20 miles from me and we see each other three times a week.  That is 120 miles a week and at least $50 in gas and wear and tear on your car.  Not to mention the whole problem with the environment. 

I don’t ride my bike to work at least 4 days (and 64 miles) each week to save on gas and parking so that I can spend my free time wasting my time, money, and health driving from point A to point B and back so I can spend time with a guy.  The above scenario would entail spending $200 per month and at least 12 hours (likely more, depending on traffic) per week sitting on my (increasingly) fat ass in a car.  I wouldn’t even do that for my best friend!

The guy, let’s give him a unique name – the Driver, responded by saying he likes to drive.  Okay, so you are willing to waste time, money, and gas (and be environmentally irresponsible) so you can date a woman who lives a good two hours away?  My best guess is that he’s already played every available woman in his own city and/or wants me a safe distance from his devoted wife and children (which, of course, he will never mention.  He’ll tell me he’s single).  Whatever.

So, back to My Planet. 

I prefer to date people who live within 5 to 10 miles of me.  I pay through the nose ($1,800/month) to rent a house just outside of a major metropolitan area.  When my parents came to visit, they referred to my neighborhood as “working class.”  You should have seen the looks on their faces (shock, horror, disbelief) when I told them that the houses in my neighborhood sell for $400K and up. 

I am not paying $1,800 per month (not including utilities) to live in a small, half-ass-renovated home built just after World War II.  I’m paying to live in proximity to a major metropolitan area and all it has to offer.  Why would I choose an (expensive) “urban” lifestyle?  Instead of spending money on gas, a new car, and private school (not to mention time spent commuting), I choose to invest a huge portion of my salary into rent while I enjoy the conveniences of living in an urban area.  Dating someone who lives even 30 miles away defeats the purpose of the lifestyle I have chosen for myself.

I need to adjust my profile to tell people not to bother contacting me if they live 120 miles away, or in Texas, Canada, or Russia (yes, someone just emailed me from Russia).  What are people thinking?!!


2 Responses to Dating…on My Planet

  1. They are thinking that you are CUTE and sound interesting and that you are worth it!

    But I agree with you, you do not live in a town of 100 people in Montana… You live in a large city. Focus your arrows on the dating victims within range. 🙂

  2. Cindy Thomas says:

    Oh, you are so nice and optimistic! I’m more creeped out than flattered these days.

    I’m happy to be frugal with gas so that people who really NEED to drive for human contact can do so.

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