I Need to Keep Up with CremelloQuarterPony

She’s my idol.  She has been putting more effort into this whole dating thing than I have been.  I had some mediocre sex.  She had some crazy tantric yoga sex.  And she has already gone out on more dates since the RockStar got wishy-washy.

I’d be happy to sit here and tell more stories about ex-boyfriends, but I feel like I am doing myself a disservice if I don’t ALSO put effort into my current dating life.  Blogging about dating makes it so much easier to date.  The more disastrous the date, the better the story!  Also, I don’t feel alone any more.  Dating doesn’t have to be such a solitary pursuit.

I spent too much money this summer on a one month membership to match.com and on clothes, shoes, and sexy bras (for all the good it did me!), so I just put my profile up on three different free dating web sites.  CraigsList is still too freaky for me.  I’ve only looked at postings twice and I end up seeing pictures that hurt my poor eyes.  Not that I should be doing my online dating from work, but there is something extra WRONG about a picture of people having sex popping up on my monitor.  IKES!!!

These free dating sites don’t look a whole lot better than CraigsList, except I think they screen for pornographic images better, so I figured I would increase my odds by using three.  Thanks to everyone for their comments and support…it has given me the energy to dive in once again…into that…thing…called…dating.  And kudos to CremelloQuarterPony for inspiring me to keep going, even if my eyes cross sometimes.


One Response to I Need to Keep Up with CremelloQuarterPony

  1. Blogging about dating makes it so much easier to date. The more disastrous the date, the better the story!

    Precisely and exactly my friend. We may be on opposite ends of the country BUT through the amazing power of the Internet we are able to stay connected, support each other, laugh at the bad dates and cheer through the good dates.

    I would say one of the key components to having the courage to keep dating is having girlfriends to share all the ups and downs with. 🙂

    (And I am not eating ice cream as I pout about the RockStar not calling/texting for several days… but I am watching Smallville and consoling myself with the hot guys on this show.)

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