Dumb@ss Syndrome

(Post #4 of 4) (This is the final of 4 posts about my ex-husband from 10 years ago.)

Now that I had my personal protection order, I could legally go home…and Mark couldn’t legally be there.  But somehow I knew better.  I called the police and told them I was going home.  They assured me he had been served the papers and would most likely be gone.  I just had a feeling he was still there.  The police went to my house ahead of me to see if he was there while I waited at a neighbor’s house. 

Sure enough, Mark was there.  With self-satisfaction, he produced his copy of the personal protection order…and the area for the judge’s signature was blank.  It took a few phone calls, but the police were able to confirm that the order was legally valid and that he had to leave.  They also checked for outstanding warrants.  He had outstanding warrants in a neighboring county for unpaid child support for his two older children.  Nice.  Anyway, that ended up being a good thing, because they were able to haul him off to jail so I didn’t have to so much as think about him for a few days.

A police officer told me all of this after they had taken him away.  As I was coming in the house, I noticed a half-packed duffel bag on the floor.  One of the police officers noticed my perplexed look.  He told me that Mark had started packing the bag when they told him they were taking him into custody.  Apparently, he got halfway through packing the bag and got cocky and said he didn’t need this stuff…because he would be coming back.

I was really glad he left the stuff because Mark had packed MY duffel back with things he regularly used that were MINE.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, a couple days later, I had to deal with his Dumbass mother bitching me out for putting her son in jail.  I said I didn’t put him in jail.  I told him to move out and he wouldn’t.  I had to call the police to get him out of the house.  He was in jail for not paying child support for his older children.  That was his choice not to leave and his choices and behavior set these events in motion.  I know to respect my elders, but I had to make an exception and hang up on her.

The icing on the cake was when Mark called to ask me for a ride “home” from jail.  What?!!  People’s stupidity never ceases to amaze me.  Someone asked me the other day if I have ever wanted to kill someone.  They laughed when I said yes.  Towards the end of that relationship, I really wanted to kill Mark.  I thought about stabbing him to death, but I’ve seen enough TV to know getting rid of a body is no easy task.  And he wasn’t worth spending a moment in jail over.

3 Responses to Dumb@ss Syndrome

  1. m says:

    Hahahaha. I had an ex who also has the same syndrome. After the protection order, I changed my house key. He called police before he tried to break in and thought he had done something smart. I woke up during the motion and dialed 911 right away. Luckily, the policemen he called came in to check how things were so I handed them the paper to serve him. He kept saying “now, you are smart”. He is apparently drunk which pissed off the officers, finally they told him to shut up. Man, do I feel good hearing that.
    I am glad that you are out of the situation. Gee, according to his mom’s behavior there is no wonder why he is so stupid.

  2. cindydating says:

    Thanks for the response. It’s nice to know my situation is not unique, although too bad you had to deal with similar nonsense!

    It looks like one of the causes of “the syndrome” is alcohol, although like you mentioned, having had a loopy mother may be another contributing factor.

  3. but I’ve seen enough TV to know getting rid of a body is no easy task.


    Friends help you move.
    TRUE friends help you move BODIES. 😉

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