Hating Dating Less Today

I had my first phone conversation with Dave since the last one a couple of days ago.  To my pleasant surprise, the conversation went well.  We were both mellow and relaxed.  We shared updates on our medication side effects.  He said the edginess from adding Wellbutrin had passed.  I told him I was feeling a little less anxious, but still kind of flat.  In addition to adding Adderal to the mix, I’m in the process of switching from Prozac to Lexapro.  I love Prozac but it interferes with my (already challenged) ability to have an orgasm.  So, I’m trying another SSRI that less often causes this problem.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to try a differerent kind of antidepressant altogether.

Going through medication transitions sucks, but it’s worth it for me.  I feel worse for people with treatment-resistant issues.  It can take years to find the right medications to help you life your life with zest rather than as the living dead.

One thing I’ve learned about dating is to pay more attention to behavior than words.  Behavior counts more.  Although words are important too, especially to the extent that they are consistent with people’s actions.  I am in a better mood today and have an improved perspective on the situation.  While I have already begun compiling a list of things I do and don’t like about Dave, I will refrain from judging him based on an ill-timed comment.

2 Responses to Hating Dating Less Today

  1. A list! Now I want to compile a list!

  2. shdwst says:

    I Love lists and especially when they are from a woman’s perspective. Can’t wait to read what not to do.

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