Why I Don’t Use eHarmony

A couple of years ago, I tried out several dating web sites, including Match.com, eHarmony, and GreenSingles.  I used eHarmony for two, maybe three months.  At first, I was totally impressed by the accuracy of their personality profile.  It did a nice job of describing me and ‘summing me up.’

Then, I waited for them to match me up with someone.  I waited.  And waited.  And finally, they match me up with ‘Tony,’ who lives 200 miles away.  After graduating from ‘guided communication’ we finally talked on the phone.  Tony, according to his personality profile, was a subdued and quiet man.  Tony, on the phone, was quite a talker.  He talked…and talked…and talked.  We had nothing in common.  He lived 200 miles away.  I had no interest in ever talking to him again.  His personality profile was not accurate.  Apparently, he imagined himself to be a different person than he was.

Verdict: My actual self was compatible with his ideal self.

The last straw came soon after.  After some time passed, they matched me up with another person.  These matches are few and far between…apparently it takes time to come up with such high quality personality-based matches.  Did I mention eHarmony is kind of expensive?

Anyway, I’m reading through the profile of my long-awaited second match.  He seems fine until I get to the part where he lists his hobbies.  One of his hobbies is hunting.  Did I mention I am a vegetarian?  And that I love animals?  I was so offended…eHarmony matched me up with someone who enjoys killing animals for fun.  I wrote to their customer service department, but never received an adequate response.  I cancelled my membership.

Verdict: eHarmony is for carnivores.

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