“Interesting” People on Match.com

I’ve tried several dating web sites and I’ve settled on Match.com because of the sheer volume of people using it.  It seems to roughly represent a cross-section of people.  This means, if you use Match.com, you get your share of cat calls and lunatics, but for the most part the people are pretty cool.

Having said that, one of the more questionable men who have contacted me on Match.com is…well, I don’t know his name and I will respect his right to privacy by not sharing his username.  Anyway, let’s call him Hugo.  Hugo sends me an email after reading my profile (which, by the way is fairly brief).  Here are exerpts of his first attempt to contact me:

“…[you] stood out like a majestic flower in a field of oxygen-deprived weeds.  Obviously you are clearly a woman of a different pedigree…”

He goes on to describe himself as having been…

“…stomped, crushed, and fermented into a fine wine…all I can do with this fine wine…is give it away…”

Since I approach dating with a healthy (and safe) sense of skepticism, I think to myself, this guy really has gone out of his way to flatter me and make an impression on me.  I can’t say it was a good impression.  Out of pure curiosity, I clicked on his profile to read more about him (this is akin to gawking at car accidents).  His profile was even more over the top talking about the curves of a womans body and romance and that kind of thing.  Is this guy for real?  I think not.  I’m filing him in the lunatic category.


2 Responses to “Interesting” People on Match.com

  1. GFD says:

    This is such a funny post. I to am on match.com and the few guys i’ve met have been “interesting” as well. I only did a 30 day stint just to test the water and so far these guys are winkers but no real communicators. Well, one was.. His profile said he didn’t want to have kids and my profile clearly shows that as a must have for me. When he emailed me and I replied I didint see the compatibility factor if for no other reason than that. He replied and said he didnt really mean that. Okay, so why write it.
    Kinda strange.. But i’ve a couple weeks left so no telling who I will meet.

  2. cindydating says:

    I’m doing the same thing…a one month membership. I figure I can always cancel it and re-join later. I have mixed feelings about continuing. Do you wink back when people wink at you? That’s what I do…then, if they take the time to actually email me, I email back.

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