Date #3 (A First Date)

A day after Date #2, I went out on Date #3.  Matt and I have emailed each other through a few times.  I noticed an element of flirtation in the email exchange.  I wondered if this meant we would have ‘chemistry.’  The moment I met him, my first thought is that this guy is too nice for me.  He somehow looks too wholesome for me, whatever that means.  He’s definitely attractive, though. 


I’ve learned by now not to place an emphasis on immediate attraction.  Attraction is something that can develop over time and end up being way more intense than superficial, immediate attraction. 


We had a drink and had good conversation for a couple of hours.  Whatever concerns I had about this being a booty call (remember Date #2?), maybe because we only met for a drink, were unfounded.  If you haven’t noticed by now, I do a bit of ‘detail analysis’ in the process of getting to know someone, looking for red flags and other potential points of concern.  Sometimes that’s healthy and sometimes it’s neurotic.


At the end of the date, he said the fateful words, “I’ll call you”.  Or maybe it was the way he said it.  Or maybe I’m just plain psychic.  At that exact moment, I knew without a doubt I would never hear from him again.  Still, I had a grin on my face the whole way home.  I really had a nice time out (can you tell I don’t get out much?) and I was buzzed from the pomegranate margarita.  And, I go into these dates with low expectations.

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