Date # 1 (A First Date)

Date #1 (First Date)


The first person to send me an email was Bob.  He said he lived near a popular bike trail and asked if I’d like to go for a bike ride on Saturday.  He didn’t have a picture posted with his profile and he was in his late 50’s, but I figured what the hell, it’s just a bike ride.  It’s good to go into dating with low expectations.  I figure if I’m lucky enough to make a friend or find a cycling buddy during this process, I guess it was worth my time.


So, I meet Bob Saturday morning.  As I pull up to the public meeting place, I see two white men in their 50’s with bikes.  One is sitting there with no shirt on.  Hoping I’m right, I head to the other guy, who thankfully turns out to be Bob.  Bob really isn’t bad looking for his age.  I was afraid he’d be old and wrinkly, but he looks pretty good.  And dang, it turns out he’s in better shape than me.  Kudos to Bob!  We rode 45 miles.  We chatted and stopped to have lunch along the way. 


I made an effort to be open-minded about the age difference, because after all, I have a persistent history of dating alcoholics and losers, both younger and older than myself.  This guy is older, but he speaks and reads quite a few languages, has a PhD, has traveled the world, and makes a lot of money.  I assume he’s more mature than men my age.  And he seems like a genuinely nice guy.  When I was younger, I never gave these guys a chance.  Now that my priorities have changed, I promise myself to date nice guys.  Thanks to Greg Behrendt and his book He’s Just Not That Into You for helping me realize almost every guy I ever dated really wasn’t that into me.

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